Todd and I have been silent the last few weeks and it is with sadness that we announce the death of our Aunt, Marion Taylor. She had been sick for several weeks and in assisted living for almost a year. She was a fiercely independent Vermonter and someone who was always interested in talking with me, whether when I had just come home from school or more recently about my kids who she loved to spend time with.

Growing up, our parents ran a paint/wallpaper/flooring store, 8-5:30 during the week and 8-3 on Saturdays. So after school when we were in elementary school, Todd and I took the bus to our Aunt Marion’s (and Gram Taylor’s, while she was still alive) house. After giving us snacks which usually included freshly made cookies (her peanut butters were my favorite), she would help us with our homework before we were allowed to play. I vividly remember her playing Pizza Party and Chinese Checkers with me for hours. Aunt Marion was a schoolteacher for her entire working years, so she knew the importance of challenging children to think critically, creatively problem solve and be generous to other people. She inspired me to be curious about everything around us, whether it was the art school next door, the public spring down the road, the town library around the corner, or the post office at the end of the road.

I firmly expect we will dedicate Farmers’ Market Rally to Aunt Marion, for all that she gave us. At this time, we are behind schedule, so our Kickstarter will be pushed into October at the earliest.


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