Hi! I’m the other half of Woodchuck Studio.

Over the last several months, I’ve been busy illustrating all the elements for the game to start turning our concept into a reality. I get to do all the fun fruit and veggie (and meat*) drawings for the cards, plus work on layout for the rulebook and box. It’s been a neat experience to think about how to make a game both fun to play and fun to look at!

Right now, we’re iterating through concepts for the box design. It will be a 3 bay box big enough to hold the base deck, plus possible stretch goal items. We’re to the point in the process where we’re printing out full-size drafts to see how it will look in real life, you know, to make sure itĀ looks great next to other games on your shelf. And since it’s a 3D box, I can’t help but get out my straight edge and glue to assemble it into an actual box!




And finally…


The other morning, I was putting the final bit of glue on the side panels when my two year old daughter came in to say hi. Now, she’s younger than the age range that we’re intendingĀ for this game, but that doesn’t stop her from being interested in it. She ran right over and immediately started naming the fruits and veggies on the box! Carrots, tomatoes, and one of her new favorite words, strawberries. Trust me, it’s adorable. This is what gets me excited about making games like this though – it can reinforce ideas and learning for even the littlest of kids.

That’s all for now,


* Fun fact: Drawing meat is tricky! I do marketing at a food co-op and we always get a little squeamish when it comes to showing raw meat in pictures. The rule of thumb is that cooked meat (along with garnish and other niceties) is more appealing to look at. Since our game is about items you’d find at your farmers’ market, and because an underlying theme is to teach kids about where their food comes from, we had to go raw in our depictions of meat.

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